Sunday, November 8, 2020

PIckleball Round Robin

Back in July we formed the Pickleball Imagery Club (PIC) in our community. Officers were selected and I am currently the club president. As it turns out, so far Jim and I are the most experienced players in the community so people thought it made sense for us to start the club. We currently have 64 members, which is pretty good considering the community only has about 172 closed homes and not all of those are occupied full time yet. Not all of the members are active, like most clubs I suppose, but the ladies play every Tuesday night and Thursday morning. The guys tend to play Monday and Wednesday nights, and every Friday one of the guys puts together mixed social play.

Saturday we held our first Blind Draw Round Robin social mixer. Our neighborhood has two dedicated pickleball courts, and the two tennis courts are striped for pickleball as well. It is not fun to play on those courts however, as the net is too high and if someone misses the ball, you have to run a long way to retrieve it. For the round robin we taped two pickleball courts on each of the tennis courts, and set up portable pickleball nets. This gave us six legitimate pickleball courts, which was great as 32 members signed up for our event.

Everyone brought their own food, drinks, chairs, paddles and balls. We had hand sanitizer and wipes available for safety, and we encouraged social distancing. The event ran from 2-5, and folks stayed from beginning to end. Part of that was due to the picture perfect weather on Saturday, and part because people are just starved for something to do in light of COVID. But I think it was mostly related to the fact that everyone here is just so darn nice and fun to be around. Our committee had rounded up some great door prizes, which added to the enjoyment of the day. 

Overall, I'd say the event was a success. It WAS our first rodeo, so we had a couple glitches that we will figure out before we host another one. But overall, everyone said they had a great time and would love to do it again.

Pickleball Imagery Club round robin

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