Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Loss of Man's Best Friend

Our friend Jim came over this morning. He and my husband are going to the Ram's football game. And I use the word "game" loosely considering the Ram's record this year. But they may actually see a decent game because the losers are playing the losers - both teams have 2 wins and 11 losses. I expressed my sympathy to Jim on the recent death of one of his dogs. He was explaining what had happened - seems like Max had a good, fairly long life and his heart gave out. The other dog Cocoa watched as Jim and his son-in-law wrapped Max in a blanket and struggled to get him out the door and into the car to be taken to the vet for disposal. Max was a large, heavy dog so one person could not move the body. (I wondered to myself if any of Jim's neighbors were watching, as they might now be concerned about the whereabouts of Jim's wife. She has a job in California now, so she isn't around much. Jim might come home to yellow tape around his house if the neighbors think he disposed of his wife in a blanket.) Anyway, the next day Jim took out a treat for Cocoa, as he did every morning for the dogs after they had gone outside. Cocoa took her treat and placed it on Max's pillow, almost like a tribute. Isn't that something?


Mrs. Wryly said...

Ohhhh, you got me on that one. No matter how much Clyde adored Ginger, a treat tribute would never be one of his tricks.

Dog-in-the-blanket. Hmmmm.... quite an alibi.


Bobbi Linkemer said...

I'm terrible about checking in on blogs and, assuming everyone is equally bad about checking mine, I send them directly to you. This was amazing. I thought for a moment it was your dog, whom I loved when I met her/him (can't remember). I will write my Patrick is Shit entry when the time is right, though I should do it now, while I'm still pissed.