Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Farewell Tour

Each year on the night of graduation, the parent's group for the graduation class puts on an all-night, free graduation celebration at Webster University. For the four years the students are in high school, fundraisers are held to cover the cost of the party, contributions to teacher wish lists and scholarships for needy students. Our parent group raised over $120,000 in four years, and we provided $19,000 in scholarships this spring to students in the Class of 2009.

Last summer the graduation party committee selected the theme "Farewell Tour '09", which enabled everyone on the committee to play off of the music and/or band theme. I have to say that the moms of our class never cease to amaze me. The decorations were unbelievable! Spotlights and signs greeted the students upon arrival, 45's complete with each senior's yearbook photo in the center decorated the walls, 33 rpms dangled from the ceilings, and a full rock band set provided a backdrop for photos with friends. To keep the students entertained for six and a half hours, entertainment included swimming, a casino, bingo, air brushed tattoos and nail painting, a live band, ping pong tables, Guitar Hero, a photo booth, a giant inflatable play structure and segways. And, of course, non-stop food and drink all night. Every student went home with at least one prize, and each had a ticket to place in the hat in front of their favorite big prize - a t.v., Ipod Touch, portable dvd player, a Wii, Guitar Hero, a hot air balloon ride, etc.

At 3:45 a.m. they called all the students into the gymasium to award prizes and show the dvd that Pam and I had worked on in addition to all the photo boards. I have to confess that I simply got all the photos to a staff member at the high school, Pam's daughter provided the music to him, and he actually put it all together and had 300 copies made so each attendee could have one. Since I had a houseful of out of town guests, I did not work at the party that night. But I understand that the students really loved the dvd. Even if it is not something they are interested in right now when their major thought is getting out of high school and on to new things, I think in the future they will enjoy looking back at this time in their lives. So, as my final swan song as a 19 year parent volunteer, I think I went out on a high note. Farewell...

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Kind of a bittersweet ending, but thinking of all of those photos popping off the foamboard panels should make the farewell a little less wistful.

That is some serious revenue that your parent group raised - wowser! Remembering all of the fundraisers you've endured should also make letting go a little easier.

You've been a great parent volunteer and now it's time for you to do some things that you've always wanted to do. Like publish a book?