Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Cat Burglar

For the past week I have been watching a neighbors two cats. Each morning I go over and feed them, change the water in their dishes and scoop the litter boxes. Each evening I collect the mail and papers and give them their last feeding. And of course there is always play time. Scratch and Skippy are really nice cats, if a bit mischievous. I never quite know what I will find when I come in the back door. They have been know to open cabinets and dump the pasta all over, knock things off the counter tops, and even help themselves to the Girl Scout cookies. This week they decided dumping over the trash can in the bathroom and scattering the contents would be great fun. I can almost hear them thinking, "Let's see where she puts it so we can knock it over again!"

This morning I went over to do the regular routine. Normally both cats greet me at the door. Skippy was right there, but not Scratch. I immediately noticed the papers scattered on the floor. You naughty kitties, I thought, you have gotten into the mail. I picked it all up and called for Scratch. Still no sign of him. I went down the hallway and noticed that the bathroom door was mostly closed. Had he gotten himself shut in there? As I opened the door, I noticed a book laying on the vanity. Uh, oh...that wasn't there when I got their water yesterday. I glanced into the master bedroom and saw the open suitcase on the floor. OMG, my neighbor was back! Scratch was probably cuddled up in bed with her. Hoping I hadn't awakened her after her very long flight home, I stealthily crept back down the hall, feeling for all the world like a thief. I haven't seen her yet today to apologize for barging in. I can just hear Skippy saying to Scratch, "Parking at the airport-$56.00, trip to Paris, $2,500, look on neighbor's face when she found out mom was home-priceless!"


J. M. Strother said...

Funny story, Kim. Enjoyed it.

Mrs. Wryly said...

Your neighbor should be grateful that you are so conscientious.

If she asks you to wear a bell on your neck, just say "NO!"