Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Exactly a Hole in One

The bathroom is coming along nicely, or at least it was. The tile is on the floor and the shower walls, and all the grout was completed today. After a mix-up on the vanity top (it was done last Wednesday-they thought I was picking it up, I thought they were delivering it) it was finally delivered at noon today. (Don't mess with me!) The contractor decided to go ahead and bring the cabinet up from the basement where it has been stored and set it in the bathroom so they could get the vanity top out of our carport. I could tell immediately that there was a problem. "Did the supply store mention to me that I would lose a drawer in the cabinet?", he asked. Uhhhhh....no. I couldn't quite figure out what he was referring to until I saw the vanity top. The hole had been cut and the under counter sink mounted to the left hand side of the 60" top, where the sink would now sit in the top drawer of the cabinet. The was supposed to be centered. Crap!

I know exactly how the error occurred as originally we were going to have a cabinet under the sink on the left and no cabinet under the vanity top on the right, creating a knee hole so I could sit and apply my makeup in the morning. We changed our minds on that option and ordered a full 60" cabinet. But the designer did not change the order to reflect centering the sink, even though we had discussed its placement. It took three weeks to get this vanity top, and if all goes well my bathroom will be completed by Friday. I called the supply store, fully expecting to be told that it was my fault that I didn't make it clear when we changed the order. Surprisingly, they took full responsibility and said they would have another one made for me at their expense (not an insignificant amount of money, I might add.) How long would this take? She placed a call to the manufacturer, and then called me back. Best surprise of all? It should only take a couple of days. Ahhh...all is well again.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

That is amazing customer service! Also, an amazing turnaround time.