Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dyeing to Please

I'm writing this as I wait for the timer to go off, telling me it is time to rinse the dye out of my hair. I'm going back to an old color I had used for years, Light Ash Brown, after a couple years of combining two colors together. The combination had worked well for a long time, but now I think the color ends up being too light. I don't know if Clairol changed the formulas or if my hair has just decided to do its own thing with the color. Hopefully I will like the end result. I leave next Sunday for my trip to Publishing University in New York, and I want to look good when I meet Barbra Streisand. Ha!

I've been working on the wall quilt for the remodeled bathroom this weekend. Today I will do the actual quilting, then all that will be left is attaching the binding. I was really hoping to do some planting yesterday or today, but this weather does not put me in the mood for either buying plants or getting them in the ground. We are now just four weeks from the house/garden tour, and I am beginning to fret about whether the yard will be ready in time. It looks good, but I have seen a couple of the other gardens on the tour and they are GREAT. We need to step it up around here, and it doesn't help that Jim went up to Iowa this weekend. Even if we didn't get any planting done we still could be planning. Or fretting together.

Katie spent yesterday organizing the stuff she brought home from school. She is setting up her containers by room, which will definitely help when she moves into her apartment in the fall. She is also purging clothes and other items she didn't use for the last nine months, and that is awesome. The Clean House folks would be proud.

There's the buzzer, so I'm off!


Unknown said...

How did the hair turn out!?
What are you going to do at Publishers University? That sounds like an awesome place!

Kim Wolterman said...

It is always hard to tell with the hair until I get a chance to wash it. I'll let you know.

Publishing University is a two day workshop for small, independent publishers to learn about new technology and ways to help their businesses grow. I'm staying in NYC after Pub U ends for Book Expo America, which is where publishers try to entice bookstores to carry their books. I'll put my author's hat on when I attend that, and hope to meet some amazing authors. Barbra Streisand is a featured speaker as she has just finished writing a book.

Mrs. Wryly said...

Wow, I didn't know that Barbra was going to speak at the conference. Supposedly, she is very shy.

You will have such a great time at Pub U! Your scholarship is the only good dang thing to come out of that SLPA racket.