Saturday, April 6, 2013

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

hyacinths and mini tulips
When the temperature hit 70 degrees today, the call of the Missouri Botanical Garden was so strong that I dropped everything and drove there. My husband, as usual, is out riding his motorcycle so it was another solo trip to the garden for me. But I don't mind as I generally take a lot of photos and most people are not patient enough to go with me. I didn't realize they were having a special event today. When I arrived the "Lot Full" sign was at the entrance to their drive. I ended up parking on a side street. There was an ambulance at the entry door, which was an auspicious start to my visit.

I don't believe I have seen that many people at the garden except at one of their festivals. I guess everyone had spring fever today. As I walked along one of the pathways two women passed me saying the rosary. I can't think of a more beautiful place to pray! Then I happened upon a grandfather softly singing to his grandchild. It was so sweet! But the biggest excitement for the day came when a small boy took a header into one of the reflecting pools. His mom leaned over to grab him, and as she was about to fall in her mother grabbed hold of her. The boy was plucked out screaming bloody murder! And this is why parents should not let their children walk on the concrete ledges next to the pools of water.

As I was leaving a toddler was crying and yelling, "Mama! Mama!" It took me a moment to realize that in the crowd of people, he actually had been separated from his mom. Several of us were glancing around trying to spot a worried mom when she finally made her way to him. Hold onto your kids, people. That fast he could have fallen down the steps, or worse yet been snatched by someone and carried off. On that cheery note, here are a few of my favorite photos from today.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

You are becoming quite the photographer! Very impressive!