Thursday, July 25, 2019

Photography Challenge Weeks 28 and 29

Life is crazy right now, so I am behind in getting the challenge photos posted to my blog, though I have been taking them in a timely fashion. For Week 28 we were to tell the story of our culture through a photo. I had no clue what to do for the challenge until I was at the airport last week. The American Airlines planes outside the window worked perfectly to let everyone know I'm American.

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 28

Week 29 involved depth of field, which is a way of isolating your subject in a photo. Normally you would have your subject in focus, and the items around it out of focus. The challenge, however, was to make your subject appear to be part of something larger. An unknown woman absorbing the view at Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina seemed to fit the bill.

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 29

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