Monday, March 9, 2020

Packing on the Pounds

Did you know last Wednesday was National Pound Cake Day? In honor of the occasion, our community hosted a pound cake bake off. I believe 12 of us brought cakes, which had to be homemade, and the rest of the folks just showed up to eat them. It was a competition, and we all voted on our favorite cake.

As I have never made a pound cake before, I looked online for a recipe. Who knew there were so many variations? And I assumed it would be baked in a loaf pan, but apparently bundt and angel food cake pans are acceptable as well. Becoming overwhelmed with all the choices, I selected an orange recipe as that is a favorite flavor of mine.

My new oven has been a delight to work with, and everything I've made has taken the exact amount of time the recipe called for - until the pound cake. I used a loaf pan, as the recipe directed, and the cake just would not get done. It was becoming too brown, so I covered the edges with foil. By the time the center was ready, I was running out of time for it to cool so that I could put the glaze on it. I stuck the pan in the screen porch to help it cool, and still ended up having to slice it while it was too warm. I very nearly called it quits and was going to go to the party without it.

But I persevered, glaze and all, the plate still warm as I headed into the party center. I thought the presentation looked okay, if nothing else.

Orange Pound Cake
Pound Cake Party

The array of cakes was amazing, and a large number of people showed up for the event. Quite to my surprise, my cake ended up tied for First Place. Not everyone got a chance to sample a piece, so that is pretty impressive. And the co-winner is known in the community as "The Baker". We each got a prize, which were made from a painting done by one of the artists who had worked on the property when it was formerly an artist's colony.

But all these events involving food and drinks make it easy to pack on the pounds. I'm making an effort to spend more time in the fitness studio and on the hiking trails. Pound away...

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