Friday, February 19, 2021

For the Birds

Last spring I got my first bird feeder (with the exception of feeding the hummingbirds over the years). I purchased one specifically designed for finches as we have many goldfinches in the backyard. It has functioned very well, attracting other small birds too. Bird watching has become a favorite thing to do during Covid-19 and the safer at home mandates.

My next door neighbor has multiple feeders in her yard, and while I enjoy watching them, they are too far away for me to be able to capture good bird photos. So this week I ordered a new feeder that was advertised as being able to attract a large variety of birds. I put it on an existing hook that I had used for my second hummingbird feeder last year. But that hummingbird feeder attracted too many ants, despite my best efforts to dissuade them, so I threw it away the middle of last summer. The hook has remained empty since.

Though the information that came with my new feeder warned that it could take awhile for the birds to find and trust a new feeder, that did not prove to be the case. The afternoon that I hung it, birds were already munching away. I am thrilled with all the different birds it has brought to the yard. Now I can stand in my warm kitchen and photograph the birds through the windows. I'm particularly excited to see the cardinals up close as I always think of my father-in-law when I see them. He loved them!

I need to purchase a new hook, however, as a wily squirrel has already figured out how to hang on the side of the tree and reach out to grab the feeder. While it is billed as a squirrel-proof feeder, they do recommend you have 18" of clearance from all trees. I don't want him chewing on my new feeder, so I'll order up a longer bracket. I may be tempted to get a third feeder as well. My yard is definitely for the birds!

birds out back

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