Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Covidtine's Day

Halloween pumpkin hanging in there,
appropriately masked for Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day during a pandemic necessitates creative thinking. Going into a restaurant was not an option in our minds. We decided to make a nice dinner at the house, including brookies (a combination of brownies and chocolate chip cookies) for dessert. But first I had to decide what to do about a card for my husband and daughter, who has been working remotely at our house since mid-November.

Putting my new watercolor supplies to work, I made both of them a card. There are so many cute ideas online that it was easy to find inspiration and adapt the cards to my particular use.

watercolor Valentines for my loves

Jim surprised us with flowers, donuts and chocolate covered strawberries, which were a nice start to a rainy Valentine's Day. We added to that a nice omelet, and then played some games during the afternoon. Dinner consisted of Italian Beef served on rolls, oven roasted potatoes, salad and brookies. We ended the day by watching a couple episodes of Anne with an E, which we are trying to get through before Katie heads back to LA.

Overall it was a very nice, if unusual, Valentine's Day.

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