Thursday, November 3, 2022

Virginia is Definitely for Lovers

We took a long weekend trip up to Springfield to see the kids recently. Our son and daughter-in-law wanted to have a last visit with us before the baby comes, which is going to end up being sooner than anyone expected. Due to gestational hypertension, Megan will be induced at 37 weeks. Apparently that is considered full term, and the goal is to get Baby Dub to the magical five pound weight. At that weight very few newborns have to spend time in the NICU.

We had a nice visit, and were able to go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday as well as the upcoming birth. While the kids finished up a few honey-do baby tasks, we visited a nearby park for a hike and opportunity to see some nice fall color.

Fall in Virginia

Before heading home on Tuesday, I was able to accompany the mom-to-be to her visit at the Maternal Fetal Medicine practice. It was really interesting for me to be able to see the non-stress test and the sonogram. What a thrill to be able to hear my grandbaby's heartbeat and watch her move on the screen. 

The next time we see them they will be parents. And we'll be elevated to grandparents!

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