Monday, September 8, 2008

An Eye for An Eye

Today I saw the ocular plastic surgeon. My sister drove me there "just in case." The doctor's office said I would be able to drive myself even if he did a biopsy, but I know after the last thing I had done there was no way I could have driven. It felt like an ice pick had been jammed through my eye and up into my skull. The surgeon walked in, took one look at my eye and said that is not a basal cell, it's a chalazion. I explained that the ophthalmologist also thought that's what it was, until he tried to drain it and nothing came out. This doctor said that's what it is, but this other thing below your eye on your face is a basal cell. What??? I hadn't even seen anything there that I was worried about, and after 8 skin cancers I worry about a lot. So he injected the chalazion with a steroid to break it down, and excised the basal cell and sent it off to pathology. If he is right about all this, I dodged a bullet with the eye, becasue a basal cell on the eyelid usually involves reconstructive surgery. Here's praying the steroid does its thing!

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