Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Alone

My husband is off on one of his biannual motorcycle trips for a few days, and my daughter left with a friend to go visit a classmate from last year at Mizzou. So I am home alone. Well, except for the dog and he isn't too demanding. It is rather strange yet liberating to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want. It is pretty quiet in the house, but I have enjoyed conversations with my neighbors when Kirby and I do the two requisite walks a day. A bit of today was taken up making a batch of goetta, which is a Cincinnati breakfast dish. My niece turns 40 tomorrow, and while I already gave her the gift of going to see "American Idol Live" with me, I wanted to give her a little something at her party tomorrow. She loves goetta, so I thought I would make some up for her. Because it has steel cut oats in it, the recipe needs to be cooked for five or more hours, so it is rather time consuming. But around the cooking I was able to work some more on my book reference section. I think I now have all I need there, so I will work on the bibliography next. Maybe even tonight, as there is no one here to care what time I go to bed. Yea!

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