Sunday, September 7, 2008

Instant Gardens!

It was an event worthy of Olympic inclusion. Five guys arrived at our home at 6:45 yesterday morning, and planted over 700 perennials, shrubs and a tree. By 4:30 they had the job completely done. The synchronized swimmers have nothing on these men! In movements choreographed through years of working together, they moved from bed to bed, digging holes, pouring in fertilizer and installing each plant. It was a sight to behold. My husband and I carried the plants from the back parking area and placed them in each bed, following the plan which had been designed for us. (Well, I had to stop and organize the plants by species, being the anal-retentive person that I am.) Since we did not have to do the back breaking hole digging, it was fun to be involved in the activities all day. Plus I was able to become more familiar with the plant materials that had been specified for our gardens. The end result is beautiful, and I think even Adam and Eve would enjoy the new outdoor living space. Well - except for the lack of fig leaves!

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