Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blinded by the Margarita

Jim and I went to see "Blindside" last night with another couple. We were trying to remember the last time that we went to a movie together, and we think it was a "Star Wars" movie out in Chesterfield Valley with Katie about 5 or 6 years ago. Obviously we see a lot more plays than movies, though I have gone to see a few chick-flicks with female friends. And most recently Katie and I went to see the new Disney princess movie, which was fun.

Because we wanted to go to a showing in late afternoon and then go out to eat afterwords, we decided to go to Dead Mall, errrr....I mean Crestwood Mall. As we arrived early, we purchased our tickets and then strolled through the once-upon-a-time popular shopping center. I haven't been in it since they closed Pac Sun, where Katie used to work. I was amazed to see all the different storefronts in there. Hand-made jewelry, a consignment shop, an upscale garage sale, an antique store, a couple of dance studios, two theater companies and a few museums make up the new "art center" complex. It was quite interesting and I would like to go back when I have more time to look around.

Back to the movie..."Blindside" is based on a true story about a homeless black teenager in Memphis and the white family who first offered him housing and then a place in their hearts. I thought it was excellent. What an amazing story! It was a nice feel-good movie for Valentine's Day. I know, the obvious movie choice for this weekend was "Valentine's Day", but there was no way the guys wanted to see that. "Blindside" was a film we could all agree on. I'll have to grab one of the girls for the chick-flick.

After we saw the movie we decided to try the new Mexican restaurant in Crestwood near the Shop 'n Save. I'm embarrassed that I did not catch the name. I'm blaming it on the margarita. In honor of Valentine's Day, they had the medium size margarita for $4.75. Let me just say that it was a good thing I didn't order the large! It was yummy and went down easy with my chicken quesadilla. And the requisite chips and salsa, of course. Everyone enjoyed the food and agreed we definitely would go back again. At least I know the location, if not the name!


Mrs. Wryly said...

Oh, the way you described the movie was so sweet, Margarita Memory.

Anna Lefler said...

Sounds like a lovely evening out! (and I've been wanting to see that movie...)

:-D Anna