Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Boob Redo

Yesterday morning I had the repeat right breast core biopsy done. This time I went to the Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University. What a class act, all the way around! The staff, particularly in the treatment room, were exceptional friendly and kind. I had asked the radiologist to show me the film that was taken three weeks ago at the other hospital, and she pointed out the marker that had been left in. She then showed me where the architectural distortion is located, and that marker was nowhere near the distortion. I could see why that had all the radiologists and the breast surgeon concerned.

Unlike the first biopsy in July in which the radiologist was guided by an ultrasound, this time I laid face down on a table with my breast dropping through a square opening in the table. From there the breast was compressed in a 3D mammography machine while the doctors and technician made sure they were getting the correct spot. It felt like the skin from my neck was getting sucked down into the hole as they tightened the machine.

Then the injections were given to numb the breast, and the probe was inserted like last time. Unlike last time, however, I felt it. Ouch! They quickly administered more medicine, and I only felt pressure after that. In the previous biopsy a ceramic marker was left to mark where the tissue had been removed. The doctor had stayed away from a metal marker due to some allergies that I have with pierced earrings. Yesterday they placed a titanium marker as that is all they ever use, and it has a low rate of reaction. It is what is used in knee and hip replacements, so I guess I might as well find out now if I am going to react to it. They said I'll make the medical journals if it ends up being a problem for me. 🎶I am titanium...🎶

ice pack and cover
Adhesives also bother me, so they decided to try putting a liquid bandage over the small hole made by the probe. It should stay on for five or so days, and so far I am not reacting to it. I'm a little sore today, but keeping ahead of things with Tylenol and the cute ice pack they sent home with me home made a huge difference, I think.

When we left I was told that it would probably be Friday before I got the results of the biopsy back. But late this afternoon the breast surgeon called with the great news that the tissue came back benign! She added that we are officially not worrying about this spot any more, and I don't have to have a mammogram for twelve months. I'll need to follow up with my primary care doctor about that, though, as the other breast is due for a mammogram in June. As Scarlett would say, I'll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight I will sleep much easier.


Mrs. Wryly said...

Great news! Sorry you had to go through all of that, but it's good that you saw the reason for the concern and that you can put your fears to rest now.

Kim Wolterman said...

Yes, it is a huge relief!