Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What a Boob!

On the 8th I had the six month follow-up 3D mammogram as requested by the radiologist after the breast biopsy which was done on July 5th. After the test was done, I met with the radiologist to review the new scan. She is not the one who did my biopsy, but she works in the same breast healthcare center as Dr. H. She looked a little concerned, and proceeded to tell me that she thinks I should have a surgical biopsy done on the same spot that was detected six months ago. The same area (not a lump) that pathology ruled a stromal fibrosis. A fibrosis is not cancer, not even pre-cancerous, nor does it lead to cancer. So why another biopsy?

When I asked her that question, she answered in "what ifs". What if there are bad cells behind the ones that were taken? What if cancerous cells are hiding farther back? Really? The ultrasound-guided needle biopsy couldn't tell them that? When am I ever supposed to breathe a sigh of relief following a negative biopsy report?

She wanted me to go right down the hall and make an appointment with their breast surgeon for a consultation. She then proceeded to tell me how the surgical biopsy would go. I told her I would go home and check my calendar, then call the doctor. What I really meant was that I would take some time to think about it, and then make my decision. She had obviously planted seeds of doubt in my mind, so I knew that I would consult with a breast surgeon. But it would be one of my own choosing, not hers. Several of my friends have had breast cancer, so I talked with them and found they had all seen the same surgeon. After reading up on her and looking at online reviews, I decided she is the one I wanted to take care of me.

Jim and I met with Dr. J. yesterday for the consult. She had reviewed all of my mammograms and had met with the Washington University radiologists regarding them. They concurred that I need an additional biopsy. I asked her if there had been any change from the mammogram taken six months ago to the one taken last week, and she said nothing had changed. So why is everyone all of a sudden concerned?

Dr. J. explained that they were worried about the fact that the marker, which is left in the breast following any biopsy, was not placed in the exact location of the distortion that was seen on the mammogram. That indicates that perhaps the four tissue samples did not come from the actual distortion but instead were nearby tissue. That's when the lightbulb went off for me. No wonder the radiologist on Monday looked worried. But she didn't express her major "what if". What if Dr. H. took the wrong tissue???

Obviously I can choose to roll the dice and do nothing, but that is not how I want to play the game of life. Dr. J. offered two options - 1) have an additional needle biopsy done, this time a 3D mammogram-guided biopsy as opposed to an ultrasound-guided one, or 2) have a surgical biopsy done where more tissue would be removed. Obviously #2 is more invasive, and she said she really doesn't want to cut on me if she doesn't have to do so. She feels that a needle biopsy will be sufficient. And she added that if the results come back negative on this test, we can put this matter to rest.

So, I'm scheduled for the needle biopsy on January 30th. This time I know what to expect, so I'm not looking forward to it. Especially since my breast will be squished in the mammogram machine while they are taking six pieces of tissue out. On the other hand, the recovery time will not be as long, so there is that. Any positive thoughts and prayers you can send my way will be most appreciated!


Mrs. Wryly said...

Prayers and positive thoughts on the 30th (and before), you got 'em! Sure does sound like the original biopsy was bungled and that is terrible! Glad you decided to check it out.

Kim Wolterman said...

Thanks, Mrs. W. I appreciate your support!