Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ice Age

Like most areas of the United States, St. Louis has been in a long, drawn out cold spell. We were sick of being stuck inside, so last Saturday my husband, one of our friends and I set out to take some photographs. Though the temperature was under 20 degrees, the sun was out and there was little wind. So we bundled up in long underwear, hats and scarves and headed first to nearby Clayton. Jim's company had designed a new plaza in the downtown area, and while I had seen it under construction I had not been back once it was completed. The ice on the waterfalls and pond made the spot very picturesque.
Once we left Clayton, we drove to Forest Park. We were quite surprised to see ice skaters on the Emerson Grand Basin. There is a designated ice rink in Forest Park, but perhaps the open waters called to these folks. We were able to snap a few pictures of them before the park rangers came along and told them to move to a safer area. With the fountains still functioning, ice around them can be thin to non-existent. Having said that, after testing the ice near the edge of the basin and finding it to be several inches thick, I couldn't resist getting a quick picture of myself on the ice as well.

We then continued driving through the park, and found a couple other areas to shoot as well. The Muny bandstand is pretty in all seasons, but this was the first time I have photographed it with the lake completely frozen over.
Forest Park
By then we were quite chilled, so we headed to nearby Seamus McDaniels for lunch and to warm up. It was great to get out of the house for a bit.

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